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Facebook makes their money off their users. That is no shock to anyone considering the number of investigations currently ongoing over Facebook’s data collection practices. Of course, Facebook is not the only group collecting this type of information, they just tend to take it a bit farther than most of the other groups. Because of these invasive data collection practices many countries have tightened their laws around what can and cannot be used to develop and send out targeted ads. This has included a whole new category for “intimate” information. Even Apple has decided that this style of data collection might be out of bounds and have change their own privacy policies in iOS.

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 09:17

Adios Privacy


Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a Mediator and this must be the heart.” – Metropolis, 1927 - Universum

Governments around the globe are working hard to develop guidelines and laws that will ensure the protection of your data, your information and you. That has to make you feel about as safe as someone coming to your door and saying, “I’m from the tax service and here to help you.” Actually, their work doesn’t make me feel good or concerned. My information – and yours – is already out there. And we all keep adding to it voluntarily for them.

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The collection of personal data has reach an all-time high (or low as the case may be) today as it has been announced that a massive database of voter personal information has been released for the expressed purpose of advancing a political agenda. According to a statement made by the political action group OFA (Organizing for Action) the Obama campaign has given them access to their database of voter information. The database has more than personal information of more than 4 Million Donors and millions of other voters. The data is a collection of personal information including Facebook interactions (Friends and likes) Cell Phone numbers and more.

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17It is a common comment that the people that buy Apple products will pay more to get less. Although there are some that have “done the math” and calculated the hardware costs a proof of this it is still not where near a “fact” (it is fun to say though). People tend to like what they like and will pay for what they want. As I was told before during a class on sales “a good deal is a state of mind”. If you think it is a good deal then, guess what, it is.

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