Tuesday04 October 2022

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Security, physical or data, is the type of job that never ends. There is no point that you can sit back and say “Ok, I am done”. Threats evolve existing protections are made obsolete by changing business requirements and, of course, the bad guys just keep getting smarter. This means that even if you protect from one attack, you have to bank on the knowledge that someone else will be behind that guy. In fact if you have followed the happenings of the collective Anonymous that is one of the things they say whenever any of their members are arrested.

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Remember the Faceboook malware we warned you about? You remember the one that relied on the fact that people love to see pictures of themselves on the internet? Well it looks like either the same group that was behind that malware or another equally clever group has moved from Faceboook to Twitter. We have heard multiple reports of tweets showing up that claim to have a link to a picture of the user. Unfortunately due to the widespread use of shortened links it is hard to spot many malicious payloads. Fortunately in this case you can identify the bad link by the .ru at the end… for now.

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