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The concept of the fingerprint ID has been around for a long time and, for the most part, has been seen as a rather secure method of locking your things away. At least that is the way it is seen by the public. For most of the security crowd finger print ID as a security system have one major flaw in them, they are all little more than optical scanners. If you can fool the scanner, which does not do much more than compare one image to another, then you are in.

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14621rotten apple

Despite some members the effort of some members of the tech press to claim that Apple is back on the path of innovation it would seem that many of the “new” features in the iPhone 5s are little more than refreshes of existing technology. One of the new features that everyone has been talking about is the new fingerprint scanner. Well it turns out that this too is just a slight improvement over existing technology. This comes out as the security has been broken by the Chaos Computer Club.

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