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The company Amazon in the holiday period, more precisely in the week preceding Christmas, on its website recorded 426 products sold every second.

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Friday, 04 January 2013 20:23

Belkin’s wireless music streaming receiver


Belkin has released a handy addition for those who want the option of wireless streaming of music in their homes. Belkin HD Bluetooth Music Receiver is a tiny device designed to add features of Bluetooth streaming music from your smart phone or tablet to your existing audio system.

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CES-logoFor part II of our pre-CES coverage we wanted to talk about some of the hype that goes into the largest consumer electronics show in the United States. I am not just talking about holding it in Las Vegas where the Elvis Impersonators and alcohol flows; I am talking about the lengths companies go to get people of all ages interested. The most common methods are of course the free stuff and the booth babes (which always end up being a big hit with the tech sites). In some cases companies resort to the allure of famous personalities.

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