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Over the past few months there have been more than a few articles about Crytek and its financial stability. We have heard many rumors including one that claimed they (Crytek) were unable to pay their employees. These rumors have come from multiple sources and appear to be backed up by more than a few key players leaving the company.

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A couple of days ago the rumor that Crytek was in serious financial trouble spread around the internet like a clickbait video. We saw it pop up on multiple social media sites with links to multiple sources. As with many viral stories like this everything could be traced back to a single article once you got through the mess. This original article was published on GameStar.de and is hidden behind a paywall (again not unexpected).

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introWe are hearing that more companies are moving to the “free-to-play” gaming model as a response to piracy and also failing retails sales and subscriptions. Of course if you are a gamer then you will know that free-to-play does not mean free. Sure you can get in the games (usually online only) and play around, but to get anywhere you have to buy add-on packs and equipment packs. This is a nice way for companies to regain their lost revenue from retail packaging and also from the continual battle with new and more elaborate DRM mechanisms.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 14:37

Crysis 3 Gameplay Trailer hits the Internet

introLooks like there will be a Crysis3 and yup, there is footage EA has released an official game trailer for the long awaited game. From what we are hearing you will go back into the Nanosuit as Profit (I could have sworn he died in the last Crysis though…) and are fighting against the evils of the Cell Corporation once more.

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