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Black Hat 2023 Las Vegas – One of the areas I wanted to focus on this year while at both Black Hat and Def Con was to get an understanding of the threat landscape from both an industry and attacker perspective. My conversations (I don’t really do interviews) all included parts that related to the general attack landscape. So, it only made sense that one of my conversations needed to be with ZeroFox For those of you that might not be aware, ZeroFox throws a great Black Hat party… no wait. ZeroFox is an external attack surface management company. If you only think of them in terms of social media intelligence, then you probably need to revisit them.

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daedalusThere is an interesting habit in the world of science; when you cannot explain or categorize something add “dark” to the front of the regular word and that makes it all ok. We have seen this in astrophysics, particle physics, theoretical physics, and now to IT. With this maxim we get Dark Matter, Dark Energy and my favorite “Darknet” It just sounds cool right?

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