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Apple experienced one of those things that no service provider wants to have, a multi-hour outage that affects an unknown number of users. Unfortunately this is exactly what happened to Apple today and to both iMessage and Face Time. Now these all on their own are bad and make Apple look a little foolish, but there is more to it than just the loss of text and video messaging to iPhone and iPad owners. This outage and loss of transmission capabilities also makes a recent note that was “leaked” by the DEA to cnet look a little foolish.

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Remember the news we brought you about the FBI and other law enforcement agencies wanting more power to dig into your electronic communication? Well we have been forwarded an interesting follow on article today that looks like an opening shot in the campaign to get laws passed to extend these powers. The article was published on cnet and raises concerns about what our government is willing to do to get their way and require ISPs to put in real-time monitoring hardware and systems. These systems could potentially allow for broad harvesting of electronic communication without the need for a warrant (if CISPA and other bills are passed as well).

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