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When DecryptedTech was much more hardware and gaming focused we used to have a review style called Short Attention Span. It was a very quick 90-minute test of a game which included first launch, general configuration and any game play that could be accomplished inside a 90-minute window. If the game could capture our attention, we noted it and it got a follow on review. If it did not, usually there was no further mention of it unless we had a direct request for a more complete review. To me the 90-minute window was enough to get a good understanding of how a game worked, what hurdles to actual play time there were and if I would like it or not. It was very subjective with some basic objective observations around game engine, enemy AI, and startup complexity/cut scenes.

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Jonathan Morin from Ubisoft Montreal has confirmed via Twitter that the demo version of awaited sandbox title Watch Dogs will not be released before the full game. Judging by Morin, for the creation of demo they need time which have decided to spend on the development of the game itself.

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