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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 07:32

Diablo III comes to Sony consoles


It looks like the Auction House will not be part of Diablo 3 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Blizzard made an announcement that for Diablo 3 on consoles a special equipment exchange system saves will be made through which players will still be able to trade with each other. Specifically, it is a somewhat limited menu for the exchange of weapons and equipment, about which Blizzard has not revealed too many details.

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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 16:59

Making IRL money in Diablo III

diablo 3dlc

Have you ever seen the gold farmers in MMORPG’s that stand around in crowded areas advertising for gold/item buying websites? In most cases, this activity is enough of a reason to ban a player from said MMO. However, in Blizzard’s record breaking game Diablo III it’s quite the opposite. In fact, the company actually allows item trading for real life money in the games auction house, taking 15 percent for itself of course.

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animal farm-pigs

Blizzard is in the news, again, and for some of the same reasons that they have been in the news since the launch of the third installment in the Diablo franchise. When it was launched Blizzard made the decision to require a constant internet connection to play the game. This includes the single player game and is a decision that is not coming back to haunt the company. In South Korea Blizzard has been fined (a paltry $7,000) for failing to refund customers over the infamous Error 37. This error popped up when Blizzard’s servers were overloaded. Unfortunately, because of the requirement for a connection to play the single player game people were unable to play the game at all.

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deleted_topicBlizzard is facing new criticism over Diablo III (yes again). It seems that they payment verification methods (when you buy a digital copy of the game) are taking as long as 72 hours. During this time a prospective player is locked down to a “starter edition” of the game which only gives them access to Act I and really cannot do much more. Although Blizzard says this is a glitch they are still standing by the statement that it is meant to protect against fraud.

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diablo_3dhackIt looks like the gang behind Diablo III still feel their severs are secure enough to go ahead with their Real Money Auction House. This is where you can spend real money for virtual items that are collected in the game world. Blizzard gets a cut of the money that changes hands so we understand why they are pushing ahead, but what we do not get is how they can continue to move forward on this when they have had so many unanswered security questions.

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diablo_3dhackActivision Blizzard is striking back at all of the recent press claiming that they (Blizzard) have a serious security issue. As we have told you before their actions of blaming the users and claiming that the thousands of compromised accounts are all due to spyware and keyloggers (without any proof of this by the way) is part of their corporate profile. However they are now making what amounts to threats against people posting about this on their forums.

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despdThere is a tendency to assign personalities to corporations due to the way they seem to, at times, to take on the life of their CEO. One of the places this is most noticeable is in the tech industry. One good example of this it Apple, under Steve Jobs rule Apple became an extension of his personality and drive. Under Tim Cook we are seeing a change in Apple with things happening that never would have under Jobs. So you can see how it is easy to view a corporation as a single collective instead of the many, many parts that go to make them up.

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diablo_3dhackSo far we stayed away from the whole Diablo III fiasco (with the exception of a poll on the site about it). For the most part there is simply too many stories about it, it is almost as bad as all of the “tech” news that is about Zuckerberg’s wedding. Sure Diablo was a great game and from many accounts Diablo III is an even better follow on. The problem is that although Blizzard’s decision to allow for the game to be distributed online was a great idea and allowed people to gain access to it on launch day in a way that we have not seen in a long time, there are and always will be issues with running online games.

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