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When I started DecryptedTech it was to counter all the crap marketing I saw from component makers. I wanted to prove people with a clean and simple way of understanding what a product could and could not do. I also wanted to counter the massive amounts of FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) that was thrown around from different players in that industry. When I stepped away from the PC component market and began covering the industry I worked in (cybersecurity) I continued this, but only in a narrow way. I did not cover the horrible marketing and FUD efforts that I saw on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (now X). Well… now, things have changed. I am not going to just watch the shit marketing and FUD get pushed around so, to quote John Wick, Yeah, I guess I am back. I will be diving into a recent misuse of X Premium in a marketing effort on behalf of a few major studios. (I will get to gaming, cybersecurity, and other FUD as well).

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Fingerprints have been used as a form of identification for a long time now.  In more modern applications, we have recently seen print scanners come into the mainstream in everything from PCs to USB flash drives to mice and other peripherals.  As amazing and useful as those security devices are, a team at Disney Research in Pittsburgh PA is trying to take the method one step further and identify you not by your fingerprint, but by your touch itself.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 21:53

Star Wars Episode... 7?

Star Wars

A fan of the 'Force'? Well, you now have reason to rejoice! Or maybe to shudder. Disney has bought out Lucas Films, giving them exclusive rights to the Star Wars franchise. They paid about 4 billion dollars to acquire Lucas Films. With George Lucas, the founder, having retired from the film making business, having a large firm such as Disney carry on the work was one of the few options for fans ever seeing new Star Wars content.

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