Saturday13 August 2022

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It is no secret that the NSA and DoD (Department of Defense) and other Government agencies have an issue with security. Over the last few years their security has been about as effect as using a sieve to carry water. The top 10 list of security faux paus include such wonders as the Snowden leak and the OPM breach. However, when I see the White House (any administration) send out memorandums telling Government agencies to tighten up security I laugh a bit.

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Blackberry and Samsung have made it through the first round of testing for use in DoD (Department of Defense) networks. For Blackberry this is something of a return, but it establishes that their new Blackberry 10 OS is up to scratch for the DoD. For Samsung this is a first for them although the OS is a version of Android called Knox. Knox is a hardened version of Android that Samsung created to specifically address the security needs of enterprise users.

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