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DEF CON 22, Las Vegas, NV 2014 – On the last day of DEF CON 22, in oddly empty halls and with very subdued (hung over) conversations going on, I walked into what was probably the most entertaining security talks I have ever seen. To start with the premise of the talk was absurdly enticing. How and, of course, why would anyone want to put a sniffer on a cat or turn a dog into a denial of service station? Even though I had briefly covered the concept I still needed to hear how it all happened and then the real why behind it.

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Monday, 01 April 2013 20:17

DOS on Raspberry Pi


Developer Patrick Aalto created rpix86, PC emulator for the Raspberry Pi. The emulator is based on DSx86 PC emulator for the Nintendo DS and is also part of Aalto, but it is primarily intended for playing old DOS games on the Raspberry Pi.

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Thursday, 26 January 2012 06:39

Facebook Issues not an Anon DOS after all

anonYesterday there was a minor buzz around the internet claiming that Anonymous had gone after face book with a DOS (Denial of Service) attack. However, now that the morning has come Facebook is claiming that there was no attack. The two nagging items on this are a twitter post from the group AnonSec and an anomaly in the responsiveness of the Facebook API during the day (and overnight).

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