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Monday, 04 April 2011 19:43

Asus EAH6950 Voltage Tweak Edition Give Away



02Ok so here is the deal. Asus has sent us a couple of GPUs. One an EAH6870 Direct CU is for review and testing. The other an  EAH6950 Voltage Tweak Edition is for us to give away to one of our readers. We thought we would make this interesting. To do this we have come up with a nice interactive way to give this away. We will be publishing our review of the 6870 very soon and this card is designed to be overclocked as is the 6950 so we thought we would see if you guys and girls can guess just how fast we can get the 6870 and still finish all of our testing.

To find out what we use to test you can take a look at our review of the Asus 5870 Stalker COP Edition. Once you have the overclock in your head (for Core, Memory and Voltage used) send it along to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The first person (based on the subission times) who is the closest (and is inside the US or Canada) to the actual overclock wins the Asus EAH6950 Voltage Tweak.

We will be publishing our review in on April 13th so you have till then to get in your guess. Make sure the e-mail address is valid as that is how I will be contacting you. Good Luck!


**I do not an will never sell, redistrinute, give away or spam ANY e-mail address used for this contest, to register for the site or any other that I may have... It is just in poor taste to do that**

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