Tuesday21 March 2023

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There is trouble in the Google Play Store as someone (Symantec) has discovered a Trojan downloader application that appears to be rather prevalent in the form applications masquerading as different applications (two of the most downloaded were Mario Brothers and GTA 3 Moscow City). The new malware appears to be concentrating on the Eastern European area right now as it utilizes premium SMS services that are tied to specific regions using certain numbers.

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14621rotten_appleWell, well, well… although we have been saying it ever since the first Macs with Intel CPUs rolled off the lines in the Foxconn factories in China it seems like the world is finally realizing that the Mac IS a PC just running a different OS. The first kick in the head was delivered when the Flashback Malware hit the streets in the form of a fake flash installer which made any infected Mac part of a global botnet.

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14621rotten_appleAlthough it will come as no surprise to anyone really the is now a report stating that Symantec’s estimation of the number of infected Macs with the Flashback Trojan might have been a tad low. You all remember that a couple of weeks ago Apple admitted to the malware and its effect on OSX. They finally released a patch for the affected subsystem (the Java API in Safari) and then released a tool that was supposed to identify and fix infected systems. This was actually after Kaspersky and F-Secure released tools to perform the same task.

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