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There is a new update in the never ending rumors surrounding Valve’s Steambox and Controller. After digging into a client update an interesting image popped up for the Steam Controller. It seems that Valve may be considering putting a traditional analog joystick on the controllers. This will be in addition to the existing touch pads that we have seen so much.

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Friday, 25 July 2014 13:16

GTA 5 Could Hit the Streets on November 7th

GTA fans might have something to look forward to in November if a recent rumor turns out to be true. According to UK retailer Gameseek, the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series will be hitting the streets on November 7th 2014. This is not that far off and ties in with a few other items that have been floating around about the game. 

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Why do the really great game development companies seem to disappear? If you have been around for a while you might remember a game development company by the name of Looking Glass Studios. This company is responsible for titles like Thief: the Dark Project, Thief II: The Metal Age and System Shock 1 and 2. These games were amazing for their time (and still are today) with concepts that brought about a new thought process in what a first person game could be.

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Remember all of the jokes about EA putting out games before they were ready? I do and many of them were very funny. Apparently someone at EA might have read them too and while we can picture them having an amused chuckle at first they might have also been a little concerned. Around the time that E3 was happening EA made comments to the effect that they would no longer push games out the door before they were ready. We all looked on with a look of “yeah right” on our faces and waited for the next unfinished game to hit the streets.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 12:56

NVIDIA launches the Shield 8-Inch Tablet

In what should not have been a surprise to anyone, NVIDIA launched their own tablet today. This new tablet is part of their mobile gaming initiative and is a smart move considering some of the setbacks NVIDIA has had when dealing with the mobile industry.

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Friday, 18 July 2014 13:33

Quakecon 2014 - The Good Within

In case you think it's all fun and games at Quakecon... it is.  But it's not all about the games.  The American Red Cross is on site this year for a blood drive of all things.

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If there is one constant in gaming it is the sequel. All a game has to do is sell a little bit and developers will find a way to make a part two. Now, if the game is a big hit, like say Dishonored, then the chances of a sequel are pretty much 100%. This is why the leaks about the next installment of Dishonored did not surprise us.

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Microsoft has announced that they will be closing the doors on their Xbox Entertainment Studio. This move is part of the recent job cuts that new CEO Satya Nadella announced. Nadella is slimming things down as part of a mobile first, cloud first initiative, but also with the intention of re-focusing Microsoft on things that area important to the product in question. If you remember gamers were not that happy with the “more than a gaming console” spin that Microsoft put on the Xbox One.

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It seems that Microsoft is not getting the love from former Halo developer Bungie. Bungie is working on a new game that is aimed at next generation consoles, but instead of partnering up with their old buddies Microsoft they decided to focus on Sony instead. Bungie even went so far as to start a beta program for PS3 owners early (today 7-17-2014).

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As a kid I can remember one of my brothers bringing home a new game. This game was not like anything I had seen at the time, it consisted of three books (there was a fourth, but that came later) and some funny looking dice. Its name was Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and it ended up occupying a large portion of my youth as we played out adventures in our heads. Dungeons and Dragons has gone through many incarnations and seen more than one competitor since that time in the mid-70s, but it has always stuck around. Even if the rule changes annoyed more traditional players it has always been there (I still have Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes...)

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