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Monday, 28 January 2013 21:39

Surveillance cam killers in Germany


They spy on us in the virtual world, which is no problem for them to do, and now they do it more and more in the physical world. Every once in a while a new surveillance camera sprouts up somewhere. Germans, especially those who live in Berlin, which is full of surveillance cameras, are sick of this trend. To do something about it they organized Camover 2013 competition, a kind of game in which you destroy CCTV cameras.

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73The patent war between Apple and the rest of the world has become old news. To most people the continuous fighting back and forth over patents, designs, and copyright is boring and is causing the products offered by the companies in question to put our little more than refreshes of existing technology. We have stopped reporting on much of it simply because it is the same news with different countries attached to it. However, something new and unusual is happening in the suit between Motorola and Apple in Germany…

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