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When we first saw Google Glass as a concept one question jumped to my mind: when will the bans start? The idea that you can wear a piece of technology that is capable of on demand recording of your point of view had to strike a nerve in someone. So far we have watched as Casinos, Bars… Adult entertainment clubs and even art galleries have outright prohibited the wearing of glass inside them. Now the one that we thought would be most vocal has finally spoken up as we see our first cinema chain refuse them.

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A month after a one-day promotional sales campaign, Google has finally released the Glass for the retail sale. On the promotional day they sold large quantities of this gadget, stocks of white versions were completely sold out, and consequently in the company were satisfied with the action.

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Monday, 27 January 2014 14:40

Sapphire glass for iPhone 6?

Not even two months after it was revealed that Apple has taken the company GT Advanced Technologies specialized in producing sapphire glass, arrives the patent application in which the ways in which the company would apply the new material are clarified.

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Sunday, 01 December 2013 22:53

Apple to swap Gorilla with sapphire

If you believe the writing of International Business Times, Apple is investing in new materials for use in new editions of their devices. They are doing this by using patents and technology that came with the acquisition of GT Advanced Technologies.

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