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A5XThere are more claims showing that the “New” iPad is more powerful than the Tegra 3. This time they are using some very interesting evidence to show this off. One site in question is claiming that they are able to calculate the difference using the benchmarks from the iPad2. Now some of you might be thinking that this could be true since the iPad and the “new” iPad share the same base GPU core. Both have Power VR SGX 543 GPUs inside. The iPad 2 had a dual core SGX 543MP2 and the New iPad has the quad-core SGX 543MP4.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 18:45

Graphics CTO Eric Demers leaves AMD

AMD_logoAMD has lost another high-level employee today. This time in the form of Eric Demers CTO of the AMD graphics division; although I have never met Eric I have heard of him from others and it seems there are mixed feelings about the impact this will have on AMD. Some are saying that there will be no immediate impact. This is probably true as AMD’s GPU business is mapped out until at least the end of 2012.

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News_RUBY5_lrgSo the big news today is the release of AMD’s 7950 GPU. We are seeing a ton of reviews hit the internet covering everything from stock reference designs to stock cards with advanced cooling on them. The word so far is that the 7950 is a great card and can take on nVidia’s GTX 580 in most games. However, while everyone was busy reading up on AMD’s latest product to hit the gaming market someone at MSI let all of the details for AMD’s future GPU releases out to the press.

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16-Card-07So there is now a rumor out that nVidia is going release Kepler for the mobile market before launching for the desktop. This sounds great and on the surface seems simple, but is that all there is to this? Is the decision to launch in the mobile space really all about getting into ultrabooks with Ivy Bridge? As we always do we read over the rumors and tried to make some sense of them, what we came up with is very interesting.

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Monday, 19 December 2011 07:07

AMD Tahiti Press Event set for December 22nd

News_RUBY5_lrgNot that long ago we showed you some more information about AMD’s new Tahiti GPU. At the time there were rumors that AMD would have the official launch on or around December 22nd (which is in 3 days). We contacted a few of our sources and they were still saying that the launch was going to be in January (either the 9th or the 12th). We started to dig around, but were not able to get any more information on this so we decided to leave it off as an unconfirmed rumor.

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Thursday, 15 December 2011 23:03

AMD shipping 28nm GPUs to Manufacturers

News_RUBY5_lrgAMD has begun shipping their 28nm GPUs to OEMs in preparation for the official launch in January at the 2012 CES. This news is good for AMD as they have been promising to be first to market with 28nm for most of the year. It is also good to know that some of the issues with TSMC’s 28nm process that we have heard about are not going to slow things up.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 20:47

Now we have Kepler Details Leaking

nV_LogoSince AMD has had a few leaks about their Tahiti GPU it only serves to reason that nVidia would manage a few of their own. After all, what is good for one side is good for the other. We found these while clicking around (as usual) looking for something interesting out there to write about.  We happened upon a German 3D site called 3DCenter  and found a very interesting news post to write about indeed.

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Monday, 28 November 2011 06:43

The Race to 28nm Should be Interesting

siliconThe race to 28nm is going to be an interesting one. Both AMD and nVidia already have working silicon models but neither are ready to start shipping parts to the market. The biggest reason for this is the fact that TSMC (Taiwanese Silicon Manufacturing Company) is having problems with the transition to full scale 28nm production. This is despite the fact that they began the move more than three years ago. Back in 2008 TSMC announced they would begin the move to 28nm and start full scale production on 28nm High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) and Silicon Oxynitride (SiON) materials by 2010. We are now moving into the end of 2011 and we are still hearing about issues with yields on these parts.

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Another GPUNot too long ago while working on a GPU review I ran into an issue with a benchmark. Well per my usual policy I contacted the manufacturer and explained the situation. I was a little surprised at part of their response; "use better games". I have to say that one line stood out in my head. I do not think I even registered the rest of the e-mail. Well that got me to thinking; what games should I use? I have ones that I personally like, but they are certainly not the end-all of testing. So with that in mind I am going to ask you, my readers to help me pick the next round of games.


To do this either post below this short article or post on our Facebook page. We will choose seven games, two of each DX 9 and 10, and three DX11 games. We will also take suggestions on other benchmarks for our GPU testing.

Thanks for your help in making better.

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Wednesday, 04 August 2010 09:14

We talk to AMD about their new Market Share Lead

FusionRecently we talked to you about AMD and their reaction to the GTX 460 as well as a PR Spin e-mail that we received. At the time we were invited to speak with AMD about their newly gained market share. This was an offer that we took them up on. After all the e-mail was odd enough that is piqued our interest.  For the sake of coherence we are reprinting part of the e-mail here.

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