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Thursday, 08 August 2013 16:14

AMD Hawaii chips to hit the market this autumn


Nvidia has already given up the fight and announced cancellation of the GK114 Kepler refreshments for the current year, and AMD decided to take advantage of the situation and release their Hawaii/Volcanic Islands series of chips, which means they will release the products based on those chips by the end of the year.

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AMD_Radeon_Memory_Hero_774WWe have talked quite a bit about AMD’s move to the APU (something that they talked about long before the ATi buyout) and what it has, so far, meant to AMD. Right now AMD’s Llano and Trinity APUs have brought something of a resurgence of AMD in the market at least at the lower priced level. AMD CEO Rory Reed has even go so far as to state that AMD is pushing for more GPU processing to handle more graphically geared content and to work with future cloud services. The problem is that so far, while AMD’s APUs are working great for gaming they have still not been able to keep up with Intel for computing power even at the same price points.

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