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If there was ever an indication that virtual reality might make it in the mainstream market it is when the web browsers start to support it. So far we have heard rumblings that Microsoft, Google and even Mozilla will be throwing their lot in with the VR gang. One of the big reasons for this is that Facebook has already pushed into that territory with their purchase of Oculus VR. After buying the virtual reality headset maker there have been multiple rumors of Facebook making a VR social world as an extension of their existing social network.

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Wednesday, 06 November 2013 20:39

How about mandatory IE usage? South Korea says YES!

South Korea is an Asian country known for its high technological achievements, very high-speed broadband internet and widespread 4G LTE network, which reaches up to the tunnel subway in Seoul, but a legal limit makes the country dependent on past practice. 14 year old act provides that for safety all bank transactions and purchases on the Internet should be done through a web browser IE (Internet Explorer).

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Wednesday, 07 August 2013 20:20

Internet Explorer still the most popular browser


Data that was recently announced by Net Applications, shows that all Internet browsers still hold their place in the standings and seeing the comparison in the past 11 months, data shows that Internet Explorer has recorded a growth from 53.63% share to 56.61%, while Firefox fell from 20.08% to 18.29%, and Google Chrome with 18.86% slightly stumbled to 17.76%.

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Whenever I read a headline that shows a company using very outdated software or hardware has been hacked; I find myself wondering if the people responsible for their IT and Finance departments are looking for new jobs. When it is a government agency it makes things even worse. Friday May 3rd I think things hit a peak as it has been revealed that nuclear researchers at the US Department of Energy had their computers compromised.

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Saturday, 15 September 2012 14:10

Google Apps says farewell to IE8

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Today the Google apps team officially announced that their service will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 or any previous version of IE. This will influence a wide range of institutions that use Google's service and hopefully for Google they will update their workstations in time to be able to continue to use it. This decision will start on November 15th, which is after the launch of Internet Explorer 10.

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Microsoft is in a bit of trouble over their decision to grant users in the EU the right to choose their browser upon the installation of the Windows operating system. Now I know you are thinking that they have already been in trouble for this before, so why are we bringing it up again? Well the issue is that with the launch of Windows 7 Service Pack 1… Microsoft just stopped allowing for the browser election. Yup, any new system shipped with Windows 7 SP1 would boot up just like the good old days (for Microsoft). Well the European Union would like to talk to them about it.

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