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Sunday, 23 September 2012 21:53

Microsoft patches Flash bugs in Windows 8


On Friday Microsoft released an update for Flash on Windows 8 to protect their users from hacker attacks that could’ve started long ago since the bugs were here for quite some time. As it was stated about a week ago, Microsoft decided to take care of this bug and provided a patch for it Firday. Even though Flash Player is a product of Adobe, the whole work had to be done by Microsoft because they copied Google's Chrome and implemented Flash Player into their browser, Internet Explorer 10. They announced the implementation in May, saying “By updating Flash through Windows Update, like IE, we make security more convenient for customers.”

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In only a few weeks Microsoft could find themselves in something of a bind as they appear to have forgotten quite a bit about security while trying to make sure that their new OS can work with their cloud services. Since the release of the “build” version of Windows 8 we have been picking through the way that it operates and how its system function. We have found more than a few items of concern; some of which have finally been fixed, others have not. One of our primary concerns is the semi-walled garden that Microsoft is putting Merto/Modern apps into in order to prevent the side loading of apps that are not from the Microsoft Store, but which also prevents proper malware protection from working.

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FirefoxSo Mozilla complains about Microsoft and suddenly Congress wants to take a look at Microsoft’s plans for Windows on ARM. Now we are not really surprised that Mozilla is complaining (after all that is what they do), but we are shocked that they are not complaining about Google and Apple at the same time.While we are not all that happy with the direction that Microsoft is going with Windows 8 and Windows RT they are not doing anything that has not been done by both Apple and Google on the same platform; the tablet.

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Excite13Toshiba has launched a new lineup of tablets under the name Excite. These are all Tegra 3 models and, for now, run Google’s Android 4. While everyone was unimpressed by the 10.1 tablet (its feature set is very similar to the rest of the crowd). What has really caught the eyes of the press is the rather large Excite 13 with is 13.3-inch IPS 1600x900 display. The common question is why go this large with a tablet screen?

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