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Right now the going rumor is that Apple will unveil the world’s first true smart watch on September 9th (yes sarcasm). Just exactly what this new product will do has many blogs up all night in a lather of love for Apple. These sites comb through patent filings, rumors and even developer code to see if they can be the first to identify what Apple will really do when they finally get around to joining the rest of the world with a wearable product.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014 09:24

Google launches Android OS for wearable devices

Google through its official blog announced a new operating system that will run on future wearable gadgets such as smart watches, bracelets, etc. The new operating system is called Android Wear and as its name suggests is based on the well-known Android. In order to use small screens such come right along with clocks, Google has adapted whole interface.

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In our second installment on wearable computing we will talk about why the timing is right for a new class of device and the steps that have been taking to bring them to the market. As we mentioned in part one we have been moving toward more portable yet functional forms of mobile computing. Along the way we go through a two distinct steps while these products get smaller. Step one is the companion or connected device and step two is the move to make these smaller product stand on their own.

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Wearable computers have been a dream of many for a long time. The idea of this type of device goes much farther back than the computer itself and can been seen in comics and science fiction movies and books. Some examples of the gadgets are Dick Tracy’s two-way communicator wrist watch, Michael Knight’s Communicator/Computer watch from the TV Series Knight Rider and of Course Buzz Lightyear’s wrist computer. Ok so that last one was not really a good example, but you can see that there is no shortage of examples out there. Still, even with these examples we have not really reached the level where we have true wearable computing; we are getting close and some of the devices that are out on the market are impressive, but we are not there just yet.

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Lately the news has been buzzing with the possibility of a new battle ground for Samsung and Apple. This is the Smart Watch arena and both companies appear to be preparing to fight it out here. Already Samsung has made their offering public well ahead of anything that we have heard from Apple… at least officially. On the rumor front we have heard that Apple might have a smart watch ready for their next release cycle. However, as the title suggests, both of these companies are very late to the party as the concept of the smart watch is not new.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 05:54

Smart Watch coming from Samsung too


Samsung is working on the development of a smart watch, whose features, price and time of the start of sales are not yet known. And while the story of Apple's watch is still unofficial, development of the similar solutions from Samsung has been confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg by Lee Young Hee, the company's vice president of mobile division.

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