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Apple has filed a patent on motion based charging, that would be working on the principles of electromagnetic induction. In theory that would mean that users can simply charge their phones while walking or making any sort of movement that will cause the induction process to start making electricity and charge the battery. Theoretically is means you would never run out of battery as long as you continue moving. This could be serious competition to NFC that comes with new smartphones today; maybe it would even surpass it. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. To cause induction you need a copper coil and a magnet that will move inside of it. If you consider that you need to create this inside the iPhone you have to wonder where on earth will they put it?

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14621rotten_appleWow our patent system is truly messed up in the US. It seems that the US Patent office again has granted a patent to Apple despite CLEAR EVIDENCE of existing prior art. What is going on in that office? The patent that was uncovered today is patent number 8,207,906 and on the surface covers a docking station that provides wireless charging AND a reradiative antenna for boosting wireless signals. However the last line of the patent application makes it clear that Apple is looking to other items. “In other examples, passive coupling is used to charge a rechargeable battery in the handheld device”

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