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It seems that Apple's launch of iPhone 5S device, the first smartphone with a 64-bit processor initiated a new trend on the market. Apple iPhone 5S as it is known brings its own 64-bit A7 processor with more than 1 billion transistors and a new 64-bit operating system, iOS 7.

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Steve Jobs is the real Big Brother and iPhone users are zombies

The impact of Edward Snowden is still being felt on a daily basis and is even growing due to the continued release of information in the form of classified slides from the NSA. In recent months the information coming out of these slides has been quite alarming and ranges from the fact that the NSA wrote the standard for most of the encryption used today to being able to break into our smartphones and harvest information almost at will. Of particular interest to the NSA was (and still is) the Apple iPhone. This is interesting simply because Apple has always touted the iPhone as more secure than everyone else’s. Of course, every other phone is still vulnerable to NSA eavesdropping, but the iPhone appeared to be much more vulnerable and had specific details listed in the slides released so far.

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Monday, 09 September 2013 06:58

Microsoft Pushes Xbox Music Out to Android and iOS

Xbox Music

Microsoft is an interesting company. Over the years they have built more than a few very solid products (including operating systems), but because of a lack of real leadership and marketing ability many of these products have remained in the shadows. One of these has been the Zune music service Zune Pass. This service was put into competition with Apple’s iTunes at the height of Apple’s power and consumer influence. Microsoft updated the service when they launched the ill-fated Zune HD that allowed for unlimited downloads and streaming with a simple monthly fee and still failed to get the service to take off.

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IDC has reduced its forecast for tablet sales for this year due to a lack of new devices that could boost sales growth. According to a new IDC's predictions this year tablet sales will reach 227.4 million units, which is slightly less than previously projected 229.3 million. The main reason for lower sales is the lack of attractive new devices, especially new models of the iPad, which sales have decreased in the second quarter.

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Friday, 30 August 2013 18:27

Flickr update for iOS brings new features


The company Yahoo has announced a new update of Flickr photo app for iOS devices. With it Flickr becomes something more than just a photo viewer. They added the possibility that was once available in service Instagram. Real time display of image preview with appliqued filter, before the app even performed postprocessing and updated the photo.

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MS Surface

After nVidia launched their own gaming product (SHIELD) rumors that nVidia will be making their own branded tablet started popping up. Most of these were centered on some very interesting improvements in the graphical power of their SoCs. For more than a few years the industry wondered why nVidia was not the hands down leader in the tablet graphics market. There was no direct competition from AMD and most of the other companies in the game did not have the same level of experience that nVidia had. Somehow their products, though good, were not the game leaders that nVidia and others felt they should be. Of course all of that is changing as nVidia showed us with Project Logon.

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Friday, 09 August 2013 15:08

Board of directors unhappy with Tim Cook


Arthur Levinson, Al Gore, Bill Campbell and other members of the board of directors of Apple are not completely satisfied with the work Tim Cook has done so far, and he was appointed as a CEO because exactly those people were confident that he was the right man to take Jobs place. Poor performance of Apple and decline in value of the shares from around $700 to around $500 certainly wont help with the unpleasant situation at the top  of the company.

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Thursday, 08 August 2013 16:51

iOS 7 to Actively Track Users with new "Feature"

14621rotten apple

In the current climate with accusations flying back and forth about user data collection you would think that telling people they are actively being tracked and monitored by a device you are selling is a bad idea. However, this is what Apple is doing with a new “feature” in iOS 7 and they seem to think that it is something people will be interested in. The new feature is innocuously called Improve Map, but what it does is something that we are not sure people will want to leave turned on.

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Wednesday, 07 August 2013 12:38

Fun with numbers part 2.789428+10E

apple leading

My statistical analysis instructor once told me that numbers have their own magic and rules as soon as they enter the world of statistics. A 5 is no longer a 5 there as it becomes defined, qualified and categorized. His meaning is that you can use numbers in very different ways in statistics and these might not always measure up with reality. This magic goes far beyond the fact that there are three different ways to find an “average”. The distortion is so great that using actual numbers you can prove almost anything with them.

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With the upgrade to version v2 10.1 for iPhone, WhatsApp has implemented several major changes to their popular application. The most important change for users is certainly the one regarding the billing model. As posted on the official blog, instead of 99 cents users had to pay when downloading apps, iPhone users will have to pay 99 cents per year to be able to use the app.

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