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Yesterday the Internet was caught up in the fact that for some reason an FBI Special Agent had 12 Million Apple UDIDs (Unique Device IDentifiers) along with connected personal information on his laptop. At the time the reports appeared to indicate that this was an FBI-Issued laptop and not a personal one. This small detail was overshadowed by many due to how the information was uncovered. A group known as AntiSec, who is part of the larger Anonymous collective, claimed that they found it after hacking into the agent’s laptop using a fairly common tool.

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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 10:32

HTC reserving September 19 for their mysterious event


Since practically every single smartphone powerhouse has announced their big events, HTC just had to join the masses. They have decided to keep everything veiled by mystery, but some rumors are that it could include Windows Phone 8. The event will take place in New York City starting at 11:30 AM EST. The announcement states “Join HTC to see  what's next”, and if rumors of a WP8 device are true they could fall in the shadow of Nokia’s new Lumia devices that will be presented tomorrow, also in New York. There are three HTC devices that are expected to be revealed, from entry-level to new flagship range.

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It seems there is a flaw in the way that Apple implements the SMS protocol on their phones. As most know there is no such thing as secure communication when you are transmitting data back and forth over the internet. There are methods that are more secure than others, but nothing is “secure”. This holds true for the PDU protocol (Protocol Description Unit which covers SMS) which has multiple pieces, standards and even methods for transfer. Because of the complex nature of this standard it is in the hand of the phone developer and the carrier to make sure the implementation is done correctly.

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From the beginning of the Samsung V Apple case we have likened the situation to a battle field.  We have seen ambushes, feints, counters and now landmines. Landmines are one of the worst things that you can find in a battle field. It seems that Samsung laid one down for Apple to step on and the Apple team obligingly did just that. This was in the form of their expert financial testimony about the damages that were due to Apple. Simply put the claims that Apple made were flawed in their core premise that if someone had not opted to by a Samsung phone they would automatically have bought one from Apple.

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Apple rested their case today in the Samsung V Apple trial currently underway. Apple’s last big hurrah was parade their licensing chief in front of the jury. From looking at the testimony it was an attempt to show how much Apple tries to cooperate with the competitors. We are not sure that their effort was successful though. The primary focus was to put in a value on the “infringement” that Apple claims Samsung is guilty of.

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If there is one thing I really cannot stand, it is blatant spin (well, two things since you can also throw in FUD). These two items are becoming rather rampant in the technical media (almost as bad as in the TV news). There are some who have claimed it is because the technical press has become a big business now and is no longer concerned with the facts or anything close to them. What they want is entertainment.  There is another factor to this that many might be missing; technical sites are capable of spreading FUD and spin on a massive scale. If a company wants to get the word out they can “leak” information to a few chosen sources and it will spread faster than bad news.

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One byproduct of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and anyone that makes a competing phone is that software developers are going to work out ways to do things better. This does not take away the fact that Apple’s insistence that they invented everything is not hurting consumers, but there will come a time when their pattern will only hurt them. One very cool thing that has popped up because of some of the search issues is a brand new search feature from Google. It is capable of taking your handwriting and converting it to a text based search string.

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Straight from the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas we have some bad news for the Apple fans. It seems that the myth surrounding the security of the iPhone is starting to crack around the edges. This is something that we predicted would happen when the trend to use Smartphones for common net tasks first started appearing. It only make sense that malicious coders would start hitting out smart phones after all. I mean how many people use their phones for banking, personal and work email, store passwords to online accounts in their phones with password lockers and more. To be honest, considering the number of smart phones in use, we are surprised that it has taken this long.

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Facebook logo

Well looks like we were close to the mark with our comments this morning about a Facephone. If you remember we had talked about the rumors that continually popup about this legendary device and some of the “indicators” that have had analysts and journalists even claiming to know when one would launch. So far we have heard everything from it will be Nokia/Microsoft effort to an HTC/Android product. The problem was that most guesses about this were based on the simple fact that Facebook hired people from Apple and Palm. What they did not do was really look at what those people did and what they are doing at Facebook.

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Time Apple news for July 26th 2012. Today we have Apple’s “we should not have to pay” defense, a new worm in the iTunes store, and new Malware that has popped up for OSX users. These three things have loads of laughs and some interesting twists which we think you will enjoy. So up on deck first we will take a look at Apple’s we should not have to pay defense which they are presenting in one of the patent cases they have going with Samsung.

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