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Publicly unknown engineer Ari Partinen recently moved from the Microsoft company Nokia to one of their biggest rivals Apple.

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Sunday, 29 December 2013 20:36

Apple fined in Taiwan

Taiwan Trade Commission fined the company Apple with a fine in the amount of $667,000 because of their impact on the price of iPhone products and tariffs that go along with them in the Taiwanese telecommunications operators. Also, they noted that if this practice continues Apple will be punished with a much higher fine in the amount of $1,670,000.

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Thursday, 26 December 2013 10:14

Tim Cook expects big things to happen in 2014

Apple's CEO Tim Cook has sent a lengthy letter to all company's employees in which he presented plans for 2014 and reflected on the successes in the 2013. In addition to the launch of the new iPhone, iOS 7, and two new versions of the iPad, Cook points out that he is particularly proud of the fact that they have started shipping the Mac Pro, which is manufactured in the United States, to be more precise, in Austin, Texas. They also recorded 50 Billionth application download from the AppStore this year, which the company also considered as an extremely great achievement.

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Thursday, 07 November 2013 20:28

Onkyo headphones for iOS devices

Two new models will come under the labels ES-CTI300 and IE-CTI300, the first model is derived in the form of headphones, while other one is in the form of popular earphones. ES-CTI300 headphones are made of lightweight aluminum, come with 40mm drivers and detachable cable for which manufacturer guarantees that it will not get tangled, while IE-CTI300 comes with drivers of 14.3 mm diameter.

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Sunday, 09 June 2013 10:29

Ready for the WWDC?


At the Moscone Center in San Francisco, everything is ready for Apple's WWDC conference, which begins on Monday. Although the conference has a developer character, there is a great public interest because announcements of a large number of news are expected.

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With all of the articles talking about life after the PC we were surprised to hear that Foxconn is looking at life after Apple. Apple is an interesting company with a rocky history their two founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were both very talented at what they did and that combination managed to help the fledgling consumer PC market take off. However it was not that long before both of the founders were no longer with the company and it was being run by a business man instead of anyone with vision or personality. That business man tried to embark on a legal campaign to kill off rival Microsoft with not only failed, but also came close to bankrupting Apple.

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Sunday, 05 May 2013 18:53

Apple grows in the U.S.


According to data collected by ComScore, Apple increased its advantage over Samsung in the U.S. during the first quarter and took part of the market from mobile devices based on Android. Overall, in the first three months of this year, Apple with its iPhone in the U.S. took 39% of the entire market of "smart" mobile phones, increasing their lead over Samsung, which took 21.7% of the market.

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Thursday, 03 January 2013 04:53

Apple store robbed during New Year’s Eve in Paris


Three hours after the closing of the Apple Store in Paris on New Year's Eve someone staged an invasion robbery through the back door of the shop. During this robbery unknown assailants stole gadgets worth a total of $1.6 million. The four masked robbers carrying short firearms broke into the store, wounded a guard, picked up smart phones and tablets, loaded them into a van parked nearby and drove away in an unknown direction.

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So now that we are done with new iPhone let’s see what else Apple has got for us. Two things will be together for all of their products, new earphones called “Earpods” and a new connector. Lightning, the name of the new dock connector, will use an all-digital 8-signal design and will be able to be connected either side up. This means you won’t have to look for that squared symbol anymore on your cord. It is also 80% smaller than the old 30-pin connector and Apple has stated that it has improved durability. There will also be an adapter for the 30-pin connector. Apple said that one of the reasons for making this connector was to make more space inside the case.

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It seems that Apple and Qualcomm wanted to try and lock out competition when it comes to the use of TSMC (The Taiwanese Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Corporation). The pair attempted to buy themselves a nice exclusive deal with TSMC with a large bundle of cash (over $1 billion). However, TSMC decided that there was more money to be had in keeping things open.  The original deal from Qualcomm and Apple was to make sure the pair had access to production facilities. TSMC replied by saying that they could always expand if there was a need, but that they would internally fund it.

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