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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 19:53

isoHunt back online

Less than two weeks ago, BitTorrent tracker isoHunt has stopped working toward a settlement that led to the dismissal of long-term litigation at the district court in California. This is a complaint against isoHunt and its owner Gary Fung, which was started in 2006 by several American film studios due to multiple violations of copyright. But it did not take long for isoHunt to reappear.

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The MPAA can score another victory in their ongoing (and lopsided) battle against file sharing on the internet as the popular Torrent search site ISOHunt has announced it is closing down. For the last few years site owner Gary Fung has fought the MPAA over allegations of copyright infringement. The case resembles the one that was thrown at The Pirate Bay several years ago in that ISOHunt did not actually store files on the site. The lawsuit brings many questions to mind about search engines in general and if systems designed to index the internet can be policed.

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