Wednesday01 February 2023

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news_pirate-bay-logoIn not so shocking news another country has followed Britain’s example and has ordered the site The Pirate Bay blocked at the ISP level. This is the second time a “democratic” government has imposed an outright ban on the Torrent and Magnet Hosting Web Site. It represents a major win for the Entertainment industry that sees The Pirate Bay as their arch nemesis.

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censorship-InternetLately there has been a large focus on the Internet and that it is becoming less of the open communications community that people believe that it should be. We have watched as laws like SOPA, PIPA, Open, ACTA and others have been proposed on the basis of protecting Intellectual Property. Because of the push to protect corporate interests it is often felt that the big entertainment companies are behind these laws. If the truth be told many of them are behind these laws, however we cannot remove responsibility from the government in these cases.

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