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One of the first models that proved that mechanical keyboards don't have to be ugly was without a doubt Das Keyboard. These days they announced the availability of the fourth generation of their keyboards.

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All gamers that want to pick up their gaming on a higher level than just plain confrontation against the AI in single player, very quickly become aware of the importance of having good peripheral hardware, especially of gaming mice and keyboards, which will greatly help them online against other more unpredictable opponents. Razer is a gaming company that needs no further introduction, which has just unveiled its new mechanical switches designed for gaming keyboards.

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sculpt set

From time to time, some new ergonomic keyboards and mice appe  for which their manufacturers claim to represent the most perfect periphery that keeps our joints healthy and allows for long work sessions or playing on the computer.

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Friday, 17 May 2013 21:09

Quiet mechanical Das Keyboard


Market of mechanical keyboards is bigger for another model. Das Keyboard Quiet was presented for those who want the benefits that mechanical switches offer, but still want a silent keyboard.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013 21:02

Redesigned G series from Logitech


We have not heard anything from Logitech for a long time, and the players are hungry for new mouses, keyboards, and other peripherals. Silence has now been interrupted with the announcement of redesigned G-series peripherals aimed at gamers (G as a "gaming"). They prepared four mouses, two keyboards and two sets of headphones.

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Tuesday, 05 February 2013 20:41

Is this the best keyboard ever?


On the Yanko Design website an interesting QWERTY keyboard project was recently released where each key is a separate e-ink screen. Using e-ink on the keys brings to life an idea that was conceived a half-decade ago by the design studio Art Lebedev with their Optimus Maximus keyboard. The label on the keys change depending on the application user is currently working.

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kb01As the PC Gaming scene ramps up (now that nVidia has finally released Kepler) we are starting to see some very nice accessories to take advantage of the flexibility and power that you get when you build a PC for the purpose of gaming. We have shown you more than a few items that are meant to improve your gaming experience including headsets, monitors, audio cards and now even mechanical keyboards. Only a few days ago we showed you Cooler Master’s new CM Storm QuickFire Rapid mechanical gaming keyboard and already have its big brother in the lab. So let’s take a look at the QuickFire Pro and see if this Cherry MX sporting partially backlit gaming keyboard has what it takes to earn the cool $100 that it will cost you.

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