Wednesday29 March 2023

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For those of us that are either a little older or who simply follow the goings on of Captain James T. Kirk the news that Microsoft might be making a smart watch out of translucent aluminum very interesting. This material was predicted in one of the Star Trek Movies (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home). It seems that Microsoft may think that by using exotic materials they can garner the attention of the market. The problem with this logic is that it has not really worked out for them so far. With the Surface (RT) their VaporMag casing did not help in powering sales and might have hurt them as there were manufacturing issues while increased the cost per unit to manufacture them.

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MS-MythOk, it seems that no matter what we do, we keep getting pulled back to this topic. We have to say this in plain and simple terms. Microsoft did not develop surface due to lack of confidence in their partners. This is a ridiculous notion to present and it is one that keeps popping up in the news. I am not even sure how this rumor got started as to say that Microsoft wanted to show their partners how to build a tablet is sort of comical considering their past hardware efforts. It will end up hurting Windows 8 sales as well as Microsoft parnter sales.

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Facebook-logoThe internet has been flooded with talk about a Facebook branded phone (both for and against). There have been rumors of purchases, new hires and more floating around all that seem to point to the fabled device. We have talked about some of the market concerns with a device like this (mostly privacy and user data collection), but many of these concerns relate to the US where laws on consumer protection and privacy are still in their infancy. We took the time to speak with Paul Amsellem, CEO of Mobile Network Group about the drive behind and the importance (to Facebook) of this device.

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