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Riot Games has recently introduced a new game mode for League of Legends. The whole thing comes titled One for All: Mirror Mode and allows all players to choose the same hero. The selection of a hero comes down to a vote among the players themselves.

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Friday, 13 September 2013 20:29

Teamwork is the key to win MOBA games


Riot Games recently released a new video through which they emphasized just how important teamwork is for success in the League of Legends, but we can consider it effective for all other MOBA games too. Players who show sportsmanship during competition in LoL in the average win in a more than 1.7 million fights than others, and other statistics support the theory that polite and patient players earn more wins.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 20:21

League of Legends accounts in danger


On the pages of the popular MOBA title League of Legends warning appeared which states that the date of the players from the  North American servers are in danger. According to the statement, unknown perpetrators have come up with user names, e-mail address, masked passwords and some full names.

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LeagueBreachThe game League of Legends has had some of their European and Nordic Database servers hacked; I know shocking right? According to the announcement by Riot the attackers exploited a specific security issue (again really?) that is now addressed and is no longer an issue. The attackers were able to get user login information, including passwords (encrypted), email addresses, “summoner name”, date of birth, and a small number of encrypted security questions and their answers.

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