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According to MacGeneration's sources, Apple will introduce a refreshed MacBook Air next week. Both editions of notebook will be refreshed - with diagonals of 11 and 13 inches.

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According to market research company NPD, Apple's MacBook Air dominates the thin and light notebooks market in the U.S., and given the good reception of recently introduced new models, even in the near future, this situation is unlikely to change significantly.

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Yesterday Apple had their WWDC and on its close their stocks fell 6 points to close around $439 at the end of the day. This dip was not unexpected and we have seen it happen before just we always see Analysts get into a frenzy leading up to WWDC feeling that Apple must have something good up their sleeves this time. We saw frenzy start on last week (June 3-7 2013) and peak over the weekend when the usual sites started talking about how bad things must be at Samsung to suffer a 6% drop in share price. From there the usual media hype continued… until we saw everything fall apart at WWDC.

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Friday, 22 February 2013 07:29

Retina MacBook Air in preparation


During the second half of this year, Apple should introduce MacBook Air notebooks with Retina Display. Although information proverbially comes from unofficial sources, the presentation of Retina screen in the MacBook Air and other products (like the iPad Mini) is expected move for the next generation of Apple devices.

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The first one to come on stage during today’s event was Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, who welcomed the audience and happily opened this set with stories about the success of the new iPhone. He referred to the record sales of iPhone 5 (over five million units during the first weekend) which was accompanied by the typical Apple euphoric video. After that came information on successful sales of new iPods, 3 million so far, as well as the large acceptance of iOS 6, on over 200 million devices, and then about 1.5 million books available via iBook store, 35 billion downloaded applications and so on. Cook said with great pride that the Mac is currently number one in the U.S. in both desktop and notebook segment [Ed - Considering that Mac represents less than 20% of the market we are not sure about that claim...].

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Tuesday, 07 August 2012 12:24

OS X Mountain Lion killing battery life?

OS X Mountain Lion killing battery life

Shortly after the newest version of Apple's OS X operating system, Mountain Lion, became available Apple's support forum became swarmed with angry users complaining about shorter battery life. The claims came in after they upgraded to Mountain Lion. The latest version of OS X  was released on  July 25th, but it didnt take long before its first flaws came to the surface. Forum thread's about this problem has reached 34,200 views and is around 40 pages long. This would seem to show that the problem is very common. User jpengland96 first reported the issue saying: “I upgraded to mountail Lion and now my battery life is about half of what it was before upgrading. Shouldn't the update improve battery life? Also, what can I do about this?”.

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Apple is not having a good day today. It seems that their attempt to block the flaw in their in-app purchasing system has failed and is still allowing people to grab what they want from inside their apps for free. This also means that someone can push out Malware directly into the walled garden of iOS. It is has got to be annoying for Apple, a company that prides themselves on control. On the other side of the coin Apple just got “caught” giving the MacBook Pro Retina a Gold EPEAT certification despite not being in compliance with the standard.

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