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Monday, 23 December 2013 06:20

New Mac Pro sold out in 2 days

Apple picked the best time to launch their new Mac Pro. After several months of advertising and solicitation of users, on 19th December they finally allowed users to order their own copy.

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tim cook 0115

Yesterday Apple had their WWDC and on its close their stocks fell 6 points to close around $439 at the end of the day. This dip was not unexpected and we have seen it happen before just we always see Analysts get into a frenzy leading up to WWDC feeling that Apple must have something good up their sleeves this time. We saw frenzy start on last week (June 3-7 2013) and peak over the weekend when the usual sites started talking about how bad things must be at Samsung to suffer a 6% drop in share price. From there the usual media hype continued… until we saw everything fall apart at WWDC.

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Thursday, 29 November 2012 18:55

Graphics upgrade for the Mac Pro


Apple's desktop computer for professionals, the Mac Pro, could soon get a hardware upgrade. The upgrading in question here refers to the graphics subsystem, which is one of the weakest components of the current range of Mac Pro. This is in addition to the slower USB 2.0 and the absence of Thunderbolt.

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