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Sunday, 12 August 2012 16:09

Adverts coming to uTorrent


One of the most popular torrent clients is uTorrent (used monthly by around 125 million users for downloading) will start to serve adverts within its software in the near future.  An announcement stated that ads will be linked with the content of the torrents a user downloads, whether it is a legal or illegal download. uTorrent already makes decent money, between $15-20 million per year, thanks to a toolbar for web browsers that is installed as a part of  the install package. However that doesnt seem to be enough for its directors so they hope to make more with the ads they will introduce in the new version

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208193530There are two things about leaks that always concern me; the content of the leak, who it was leaked to, and … (Ok three things I look at when dealing with leaks) the timing. Now when the leak hit concerning Stuxnet and Duqu we took a look at the information and compared it with some information we were able to dig up including the timing of the attack and a few other factors. The leak seemed to fit the facts. At the time of the leak there was no mention of Flame, any program to gather intelligence, or even hints that there might be more out there.

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