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Sunday, 04 September 2011 20:46

nVidia to go down the External Graphics Road

nV_LogoIt seems like companies are determined to re-vsit old ideas these days. We see VMWare trying to recreate a wheel that was pioneered by Citrix. Apple is always redoing an old idea and presenting it like it is a new concept and now we see nVidia going down a road that has been traveled more than once before. The road in question is external video devices; not monitors or splitters or anything like that, but we are talking about external video cards. This is something that has been done before and did not go over all that well. I ccan remember when people were buying PCMCIA cards for use with video editing software. These would work for a while, but the cards would often die (and be replaced) or the inconvinience of using this would become so great we would end up building them a desktop system to replace the laptop they had just bought.

Still if the word from Fudzilla is to be believed this is something that nVidia will be producing and they are even excited about the prospect. We think that this will go the same way that AMD's external grpahics has gone. It is a VERY niche product and one that not only has a limited number of partners (Sony) but also has a very limited market vertical. The problem is that most of the markets where this would be desired already have mobile systems with impressive discrete graphics all on there own. If this is reall a direction that nVidia is going down, they will have a rought road ahead.

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07One thing that you can never seem to have enough of is storage. As more and more people store large image files, movies, music (I know a few that have over 3 TB of music!) it is even more critical. Now when you are back at home and have access to your desktop, a network attached Storage product etc there is no problem. The question is how do you move this data around with you when you are on the road and space on your laptop/slate is at a premium? The simple answer is some sort of small external storage. Fortunately there is no shortage of companies that make these. We have taken a look at our fair share of them; from external HDDs, to mini USB flash drives. Today we have a new product on the test bench. This is the 32GB DataTravler Ultimate G2 from Kingston. Nothing to get excites about right? Well this one might change your mind. The DT Ultimate is a USB 3.0 drive that boasts of read speeds over 100MB/s. So let’s see if the DT Ultimate can really do that the Marketing guys at Kingston say it can

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