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If there is one thing I do not like it is the way that some members of the technical press show their bias. This morning, while I was trying to have a nice cup of coffee, I had to stomach several articles that seem to feel that NFC (near field communication) is now the wave of the future simply because it is rumored that Apple will have it in their next devices. This despite the fact that some of these same reporters claimed it was nothing when everyone else did it years ago.

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Options to pay via mobile phones are nothing new, but it seems that Apple doesn't like any of the current solutions. Instead of supporting some of the existing solutions, the company reportedly decided to develop their very own.

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facebook_moneyDo you remember the Facebook phone rumors that ran around the internet? There were articles both for and against a phone that centered on the social networking (and often privacy intruding) giant. I personally do not think it would be a good idea or that it will go over well with many consumers in the US (Europe is another matter though). However, when we talked with Paul Amsellem, CEO of Mobile Network Group, he mentioned that one of the things that Facebook would need to do is develop a better mobile payments system…

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