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If you thought carbon nanotubes were just for making CPUs then you (just like us) were way off. It seems that in addition to their usage in building smaller and faster CPUs they can also be used to make materials that are simply out of this world as a British company has shown. Surrey NanoSystems has used carbon nanotubes to create a material so black that only 0.035% of light is reflected from it.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011 20:19

Flexible Display now has Flexible Controls

Nokia_flexible_UI_20111026_003_610x488We have been following the flexible displays since they first made their debut on the next about a year ago. The idea of having an LED display that can bend and flex is simply a great one. I personally have lost a couple of laptops that did not have this feature and we are sure that anyone that owns a tablet right now is thinking about how much this technology will come in handy.  The funny thing is that while many people thought that Apple would be the ones to work in this first it is actually being spearheaded by Nokia.

This week at the Nokia World Show the press and luck attendees got to see more than a Windows Phone as Nokia engineers showed off a new device that not only had a flexible display, but could also be controlled by bending and twisting it. These kinetic controls were able to zoom in and out, pause music scroll and more.  This was in addition to the normal multi-touch input that the screen was capable of.

So far all of the information we have is that this was very impressive and while no one has let slip how this is accomplished we are hearing that it has to do with Carbon Nanotubes. These Nanotubes change resistance when bent and if they are suspended in the right medium along with a AMOLED display you have something rather special. We can see applications beyond the typical phone or tablet such as in a doctor’s office where bending the image around gives you the ability to look at an MRI result or X-Ray from all angles. If Nokia is serious about this we have one suggestion for them…. Get to the patent office right now and put in your paper work before Apple does.

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