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Sunday, 14 April 2013 16:13

End of the Netbook era


IHS iSuppli claims that netbooks are barely kept alive, and that by the 2015 will completely disappear from the market. During this year it is expected that 3,97 million netbooks will be shipped, which is a decrease of 72% compared to 14.13 million devices shipped in 2012. During the 2010 Netbooks have reached their peak and delivered 32.14 million devices.

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08-on_topHave you ever wanted to grab a spot on your couch or bed and bring your notebook/netbook along with you? Personally I have not, but I know more than a few people that have (and often do) participate in this activity. These people all complain about the same things; the laptop is heavy, it gets hot, there is no room for a mouse.  There are options to get around this though. Most look like TV trays for meals or some other type of accessory that goes over your lap. Again, there are complaints about this. Thankfully Choiix (a division of Cooler Master) has another option for you. Choiix is a company that specializes in computer peripherals that a very “lifestyle” oriented.  So let’s take a look at the Choiix Comforter Lapdesk

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