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Instead of the more usual changing of their privacy terms once again, Facebook this time decided on a different approach and simply improve existing privacy features. They began testing three new options which will try to accomplish that. New options have been designed on the basis of nearly 4,000 daily testing that Facebook implemented in 27 different languages.

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Monday, 29 October 2012 22:54

Opinion: Yahoo News is Irrelevant


Once nearly ubiquitous, Yahoo has been losing ground to more successful companies such as CNN, FOX, and other media outlets. This might just be due to their lack of variety in stories. True, they have several different sections, like sports, weather, local, etc, however, the one I am most interested in is Tech, as are many of the current and upcoming generations.

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Thursday, 08 December 2011 22:15

Google Launches Currents "News Stand" app

dct-feedGoogle is working overtime to catch up to and pass other companies in the social networking and tablet market. While there is no doubt that Google+ has quite a ways to go, in the mobile OS department Google is doing considerably better especially once Android 4.0 hits the market.  Still there are Apps that are only available on the iPhone and iPad that keep some Apple fans tethered to the iPad. I know there are Apps and games that I really miss from when I had both an iPhone and an iPad

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