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Ubisoft dumbing down Watchdogs for PC, Crytek losing money, game devs claiming next gen consoles will match the graphical look of the PC on Ultra: all of these are interesting signs to a troubling possibility. Is the gaming industry moving away from the PC and focusing on the close environment of the console? From some of the information and the items we listed above it would seem so. Is this a trend of the future? Or is this simply what the industry does whenever they see new consoles hit the market?

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After taking something of a beating in the news the other day with the revelation of locked features in Watchdogs, Ubisoft is back in the news today. However, today’s news is both good and bad for them. This time the title in question is Far Cry 4. Apparently Ubisoft is very fond of the current next gen consoles (Xbox One and PS4) and found them to be a great benefit when developing Far Cry 4.

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Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming Xbox One, which will appear on the market later this year, will not support the use of external drives initially, although this option is announced during the presentation of the console. MS then confirmed that the USB 3.0 ports can be used to connect an external drive that will allow players to expand the capacity of their console due to the fact that the built-in drives will not be able to change.

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