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Monday, 30 December 2013 06:31

Google strikes back against Rockstar

Google began their defense from Rockstar. They claim that Android does not infringe patents for which they are targeted by patent consortium  Rockstar who is backed by giants like Microsoft and Apple. According to Rockstar, Android violates several patents for which they are claiming the rights, and besides Google in the lawsuit, there are seven of the company's partners, including Samsung and HTC.

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In November 2012 a jury found Apple guilty of patent infringement against patent troll… sorry non-participating entity, VirnetX. VirnetX claimed that Apple was in violation of a few patents that they own. These patents relate to video and text messaging. VirnetX has also filed a new suit against Microsoft for some of the same patents claiming that Microsoft’s license for Skype does not cover what they are using these technologies for. So you can see that VirnetX keeps themselves busy.

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It seems that there is another troll under the bridge this time it is named Uniloc and is a company that has deiced to sue multiple game companies for violating one of the patents that they won by assignment. The patent in question is a little iffy to say the least and relates to “System and method for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data.” Uniloc not only claims exclusive rights to use this technology in the wider software world, but also in the Android OS environment. .

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