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With the launch of Windows 8 the gaming world was a tad shaken up. It seems that Microsoft was abandoning the PC gamer in favor of their own console. Everything about Windows 8 seemed designed to push the Xbox as the center of the gaming world. It was a decision that made many development houses more than a little angry. It was bad enough that Valve made the choice to begin working on their own Linux based OS to support games. The gaming community responded favorably to this change which we are sure made Microsoft more than a little nervous. To add insult to injury the Xbox One did not do as well as expected at launch and in the first months of its life.

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Ubisoft dumbing down Watchdogs for PC, Crytek losing money, game devs claiming next gen consoles will match the graphical look of the PC on Ultra: all of these are interesting signs to a troubling possibility. Is the gaming industry moving away from the PC and focusing on the close environment of the console? From some of the information and the items we listed above it would seem so. Is this a trend of the future? Or is this simply what the industry does whenever they see new consoles hit the market?

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One of the big games under scrutiny and therefore on display at E3 is Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed. The franchise (that is an odd word to use about gaming) is very popular. IN many ways the popularity did not come from the theme of the game, but from the open environment and the freedom that you have to explore it. At E3 Ubisoft had a pretty cool demo that showed off an expansion of this philosophy even if there was not really that much added to the actual game play.

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Sunday, 13 April 2014 20:03

Private matches introduced in Titanfall

On the Titanfall's official website news appeared about the new big update for the aforementioned network shooter from Respawn Entertainment. Patch will bring corrections for so far identified bugs, balance of the gameplay, but also beta testing of what is named Private Match.

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Friday, 11 April 2014 10:29

Transistor for PS4 and PC to arrive on May 20

In a new publication on the official website of the creators of the popular Bastion was confirmed that their new project, Transistor, will be available to play on May 20. The game will be available upon release for the PC and PlayStation 4 at a price of €18.99.

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Thursday, 30 January 2014 14:14

New models of the Brix Mini gaming PC from Gigabyte

Gigabyte presented a new gaming computer which proved that PC gamers can also have a gaming device that will not take up so much space as regular PCs do. Gigabyte BRIX is ultra-small gaming PC measuring 59.6x128x115.4 mm.

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Producer of Assassin's Creed 4, Sylvain Trottier last week gave an interview to the journalists who quoted his words that optimization for the PC is not so important for Ubisoft, and that if the game is not working fast enough users should get a new GPU.

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Valve as a game development company has been a big hit in the past. Titles like Half--Life (and all the follow-ons) Day of The Ancients, and more have made them a name that still is respected by gamers. At least that was the case until they teased the gaming community with the third installment of Half-Life too many times. Now the consensus is that Valve cares more about getting Steam Working for Linux out of spite for Microsoft than it does about releasing games. In fact the whole thought of seeing Half-Life 3 in the foreseeable future has become something of a joke in the gaming and development community.

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Friday, 24 May 2013 13:42

No Ignite engine for PC version of FIFA 14


Rob Hodson from Electronic Arts via Twitter said that FIFA 14 on PC will not be based on the recently discovered engine Ignite. Specifically, Ignite remains reserved exclusively for the Xbox and PlayStation 4 One, and PC this time remains aloof.

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Thursday, 17 January 2013 20:10

Sharkoon presents 3 new mouse pads


Sharkoon has introduced several mouse pads designed for gamers. The Sharkoon 1337 Tough Gaming Mouse Pad is designed for players of FPS titles and has dimensions of 355x255 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. It has a plastic backing for quick and precise movements, especially if you have mice with Teflon feet, and rubberized bottom part effectively prevents slipping on the table surface.

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