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Saturday, 03 November 2012 16:25

Sony slowly recovers after hitting rock bottom...

Sony HQ

Sony recorded an operating profit during its second quarter, which is partly due to their mobile phone business which after the termination of the partnership with Ericsson is now fully owned by the Sony. After a loss of 5.7 billion dollars during the last year and a $312 million loss in the previous quarter, Sony started with a slight recovery and achieved an operating profit of $ 388 million.

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Apple is in an interesting position right now and it is one that we are not sure will work out to their benefit. Although Apple is following other smart phone manufacturers and catching up to where they were 2 years ago they are also working very hard to patent items that should NEVER be allowed. Because of this we have a feeling that Apple will be pushing their legal battle on the smartphone and tablet front even harder than before. The problem is that they will only come out looking bad in the end especially overseas where some of the courts are starting to wake up to Apple’s pattern of broad “attack” patents meant for use against competitors.

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