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Thursday, 19 December 2013 18:36

Plants versus Zombies arrive into TPS world

Fans of plants vs zombies franchise will be delighted to see a new spin-off from this series called Garden Warfare, in which players will get a chance to take the role of "soldiers" from one of the factions and shoot enemies in purebred TPS in virtual gardens.

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A couple of days ago we covered some interesting news about EA and what appear to be steps to set themselves up for a buyout. In the original article we talked about the fact that they are buying back their own stock from investors as well as trimming down staff which puts them at a lower financial liability. At the same time they were doing all of this EA was talking up the future of mobile gaming especially in conjunction with the Windows 8 ecosystem. This happened in conjunction with OnLive selling to an unnamed company. Now we are hearing that EA owned mobile gaming company PopCap is cutting roughly 12% of the staff in North America.

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