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Black Hat 2023 – Las Vegas. Sitting in one of my favorite bars in the Mandalay Bay Shoppes, 1923 Prohibition Bar, I had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Stuart McClure. For those that do not know, I worked at Cylance while Stuart was CEO there and left shortly after Blackberry purchased the company. We spent a few moments talking about the Cylance days and how the concept of Cylance impacted the cybersecurity industry. It was one of those times when the right concept was introduced at the right inflection point and combined with the right team to get it into the hands of the public. From there we moved on to Stuart’s latest endeavor, Qwiet AI.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2023 14:38

Hacker Summer Camp 2023 Recap and My Thoughts

Las Vegas – So Black Hat 2023 and Def Con 31 have come and gone, and while the exhaustion that comes from this epic combined event might not be completely gone, I am ready to give my thoughts on the events. Before I get started, understand that this is my personal opinion on the show(s) as well as my general takeaways from them. As always, your milage may vary. Either way, I hope that you enjoy the article below and that your time and camp this year was amazing (mine was). So, let’s get started!

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