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Wednesday, 13 November 2013 22:01

Apple to invest in superior lasers and robots

The world's richest company, Apple, will part of its more than 147 billion of cash in the account invest in the development of the manufacturing process. According to Bloomberg, the company will allocate as much as 10.5 billion dollars on "lasers and robots", in other words the most modern production equipment for their factories.

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Gartner lowered their forecast for growth in spending on information technology (IT) to only 2% from the previous 4.1%. Even though the growth will now be a bit slower than expected numbers are still quite huge.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 22:29

Scientists developed self-repairing wire


The biggest problem with wires in general is that they can tear. Researchers at the University of North Carolina State, in the video below demonstrate how their wire which consists of a core of liquid metal and the layer (insulation) of the polymer itself can be "cured", that is connected, even when it is fully Cut off with scissors.

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Apple has increased its investment this year in research and development by 40%, but still lags behind competing technology companies. According to information published in Apple's annual report, the company has spent in its fiscal 2012 $3.4 billion on research and development of which is $952 million or 39% more than last year. In 2011, Apple spent $2.4 billion on research and development making it 36% higher than a year earlier.

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Data-CenterAMD is hard at work to try and cut back on operating costs. This is a smart move on their part as they will have to figure out a way to bounce back from the recent loss they posted. To save money they are working to cut down on their data centers. Currently AMD operates 12 geographically distributed data centers. These have costs associated with them that go beyond simply keeping the lights on.

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