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Although we have not written about Apple in a while there is some news about them that just begs to be talked about and to have some of the myths about it cleared up. In today’s news there were quite a few articles about Apple coming back to the US to make products. Most of this was fluff, but it did contain some truth in it. Apple will invest $100 Million in an unnamed east coast manufacturing plant with the first installments of this investment to start in 2013. What most of the articles missed is that compared to what they dump into China and South America this is nothing.

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Thursday, 29 November 2012 18:39

Ericsson sues Samsung


Another day, another patent law suit against Samsung. The company has been sued by Ericsson inU.S. Court. This time the lawsuit is about "key patents in mobile technologies." Looks like Samsung can’t stop getting into patent lawsuits, they already had to pay Apple $1 billion, will the same thing happen with Ericsson? [The $1 billion judgment in favor of Apple is not final and at least one patent from that trial is under review - Ed]

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According to Korean newspapers, LG is preparing the successor of its smartphone the Optimus G. A new device that will compete with Samsung's Galaxy S IV should be launched in about 6 months. It is not yet known what name it will carry, but we will call it the Optimus G2 for now since the G one is their top model. The new device should be a high end smartphone with some impressive features.

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Good news just can’t stop coming from Samsung. The Korean giant once again reported on successful sales of the Galaxy Note II. Although this smartphone started selling in October, Samsung cited at the beginning of this month that 3 million units have sold. Now they have taken a step further and achieved another milestone.

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Sunday, 25 November 2012 19:52

Promising forecast for Samsung's 4th quarter

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According to estimates by UBS firm analysts, Samsung could deliver in the fourth quarter around 61.5 million "smart" mobile phones, or about 5% more than in the previous quarter. Even with ongoing patent war with Apple they still manage achieve extraordinary market results. Obviously the customers see that they truly have one of the best smartphones in the world at the moment. On top of their flagship model Galaxy S3 they released Galaxy Note 2, a hybrid form of a smartphone and a tablet, and that proved to be a big plus for them.

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samsung 5inch

According to a Korean newspaper, Samsung has also prepared a 5 inch screen that will display in full HD resolution (1920x1080). The screen should be demonstrated in January at CES, they state. Samsung dose not want to be left behind by other big companies like HTC, LG, Sharp and Sony, some of them have already presented theirs while the rest are rumored to be preparing the same.

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samsung flexible

Samsung could present a mobile device with a flexible AMOLED screen during the first half of next year. Although stories about the upcoming availability of flexible screens have been circulating for years, Samsung display division is now in its final stage of development of flexible screens for mobile devices, while the latter could be presented in the first half of the 2013. They have already demonstrated some of the mobile devices with bendable displays at the Mobile World Congress trade-show, but they were mostly concept devices.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012 20:30

Samsung's 85 inch UltraHD TV coming to CES 2013


Samsung plans to introduce a new model of UltraHD TV at CES in 2013, the screen diagonal will be an impressive 85 inches (216 cm), which is an inch bigger screen than the competition from LG. So far it is not known when Samsung will bring their T  to the market and for what price (LG's model costs $ 20,000).

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While Apple is cuddled and watched over by the American courts, in other parts of the world situation is quite the opposite of that. They are losing lawsuits against, now we can safely say - their greatest enemy - Samsung. According to a new decision from the British court on Friday, the company must pay court costs to Samsung for the lawsuit that Apple started and lost, in which they sued the Korean company for allegedly copying.

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Friday, 09 November 2012 19:54

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best selling smartphone


The Position of the best-selling smartphone in the world in the last quarter now belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S III, according to Strategy Analytics. During the quarter Samsung has delivered a total of 18 million units. “The Galaxy S3 captured an impressive 11 per cent share of all smartphones shipped globally and it has become the world's bestselling smartphone model for the first time ever" said Strategy Analytics' Neil Shah.

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