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Sunday, 08 December 2013 20:24

Possible Samsung Galaxy 5 benchmark results

On test page GFXBench appeared Samsung's mysterious device labeled model SM-G900S. Apparently the word is about Galaxy S5.

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Monday, 02 December 2013 20:19

New colors for Samsung's Note 3

Samsung looks for a new way to attract even more buyers to get their famous smartphone Galaxy Note 3. This time they decided to present a refreshed versions of it, so from this month beside standard black, white and pink colors we will be able to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in three additional variants.

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Friday, 29 November 2013 19:20

Samsung invest $14 billion in marketing

One of the factors that has brought Samsung to where it is today, is without a doubt marketing, and Korean manufacturer has spent quite the amount on it.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013 21:04

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung has unveiled the second edition of their second phablet. It is a model of the Galaxy Grand 2, which now has a 5.25 inch screen.

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In October, there have been rumors that Samsung might in their next flagship mobile phone, the Galaxy S5, install a scanner for identifying users through the pupil. About the same time the patent was applied for such a system of identity verification, and these rumors received an official confirmation that the Korean company is actively working on it.

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Although only a day earlier information appeared about catastrophic poor sales of Samsung's smart watch, the company made a statement to deny those rumors. Sales are according to them going 16 times better than it was previously announced.

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Monday, 18 November 2013 15:11

Apple Get's Another Chance at a Samsung Ban...

In the long running battle between Samsung an Apple there is new twist. It seems that an appeals court would like a lower court to reconsider the Apple request for a permanent injunction on Samsung products based on three utility patents. Now, while having a court reconsider something is not unusual it is interesting to note that the patents in question constitute a very small portion of the products in question. It also comes not long after the US Administration blocked a similar ban won by Samsung against Apple for patent infringement, but upheld one requested by Apple against Samsung.

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According to research by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners conducted in the first month of availability of the new iPhone in the US, most of the buyers were existing iPhone owners. However there was a growing number of those who have previously owned an Android device.

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Wednesday, 06 November 2013 18:58

12.2 inch tablet from Samsung

Samsung prepares another device from the Galaxy lineup. This time it is a new tablet which should be the successor to the 10.1 inch Galaxy Note, and bring newer hardware and a larger screen diagonal.

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The US Patent system is broken. The system has strayed very far from its original intent as a means to ensure that inventors were able to get a return on their work. Now a patent is something to be used to hinder the competition. Companies buy them up and stock them away in holding groups like an arsenal. It is no longer about real innovation and progress, but simply a way for large corporations to bargain and shape the market in the manner that they want. Many times we have seen a company buy up a stock of patents with the intention to attack another or even defend themselves.

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