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You have to love Microsoft Teams. Teams is the Frankenstein Monster of Microsoft’s Lync, which then became Skype for Business, and then morphed into the problematic service we now know as Teams. The journey from Lync to Teams has been a mishmash of features added in and removed while trying to maintain the semblance of feature parity with the products that came before it. One of the big pushes for teams was the integration of SharePoint for file storage and collection. SharePoint integration has been and continues to be a HUGE push from Microsoft in all of their MS365 products and it is not always for the better.

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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 19:49

Windows Server 2012 available


Today during a global internet conference, Microsoft announced the availability of their server OS, Windows Server 2012. Everyone interested can view it at the link at teh end of this article. The presentation, from Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s president of the Servers and Tools Business, in which he emphasized that Windows Server 2012 is the key element Cloud OS, that will provide users a modern platform for global computer applications. "We're opening the door to every app being available on every cloud. We've thought through the delivery of the Cloud OS across public, private and hosts. Users will be cloud-ready from the get-go at multiple layers."

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