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Monday, 08 July 2013 20:54

Carlos Slim invests in Shazam


Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has invested in the company Shazam, known for its eponymous application for different platforms. Owner of America Movi telecoml and many South American TV stations invested $40 million Shazam.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 20:52

Shazam reaches 300 million users


Shazam announced that they globally have over 300 million users of their services. This application for detecting the performer of songs is available on smartphones and tablets. Andrew Fisher, Shazam CEO said “The number of Shazam users and their level of engagement continue to grow rapidly. We now have over 300 million Shazamers globally with an increasing proportion of whom use our app on their iPad or Android tablet devices to interact with television. This new version of Shazam optimizes discovery, engagement, transactions and exploration in a tablet environment“

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Sunday, 23 September 2012 10:12

SoundHound catching up with Shazam


Don’t you just hate it when you hear a song on the radio or in a mall and you would like to listen to it later but you don’t know what it's called? Well Shazam is the most popular smartphone app that helps you with that, having approximately 250 million people that use it. But they have some decent competition in SoundHound. The SoundHound team decided to respond to Shazam’s bragging about the numbers and revealed that they have over 100 million users that have download their app. Even though Shazam is in the lead by more than 2 times, this is still a respectable number. Shazam is currently on around 30% of the devices, including both Android and iOS.

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